Dykhof nurseries cypress tree

Choosing trees and shrubs

There are many different trees and shrubs out there for various applications. The proper selection of trees and shrubs can be used in containers or as a backdrop. Just ask one of our helpful staff, and we will help you find the plant to suit your needs. When choosing what tree or shrub you are looking for, think about the amount of sun it is getting and where it is located in your yard – plants in the background can be taller than ones closer to the front of your garden bed.

Ornamental shrubs

An ornamental shrub is a plant that can be compact (heather), open growth (camellia), evergreen (azalea) or deciduous (burning bush). They are seasonal flowering plants with an array of colours, textures, and heights. These plants can provide shade for another plant in the garden or act as a feature plant on their own.



Ornamental trees

Ornamental trees are great for providing shade in a garden and, at the same time, create a great focal point. Most ornamental trees are deciduous but provide outstanding foliage or flowers during the growing season. Flowering cherries, Japanese maples, dogwoods, golden chain trees, ginkgo, and magnolia are great examples of ornamental trees.

Japanese maple leaves

Evergreen conifers

With many conifers to choose from, you can create a beautiful hedge, simple border or highlight a single accent tree. Conifers are a great way to add structure to the garden and give your other plants a great background.

We are currently on a mission for the perfect plant- Evergreen, 3-4′ tall, and flowers all year round. Think we will have any luck?